“Talking Koala”

Friday 15 April

Local Koala expert Chris Allen visited our group at Jigamy Farm to share his knowledge of the region’s koala history and of current populations in the area. Chris invited Eden Project participants to join in a koala survey, photographs of which will follow in this post. The survey area was in the foothills of Gulaga Mountain. Participants surveyed 30 trees, carefully searching through leaf litter within a 1m radius of the trunk of each tree.  Our scat hunt was successful. Photographs by Amelia Zaraftis.

Image 1. (above) Amanda Stuart and Chris Allen.

Image 2. (above) Chris Allen, Heike Qualitz and Bill Brown (ABC Radio, Bega.)

Saturday 16 April 2011

Image 3. (above) Sample koala scats.

Image 4. (above) Marking central tree of survey area.

Image 5. (above) Leaf litter in survey area.

Image 6. Heike Qualitz, koala scat hunting.

Image 8. (above) Fungi, nearby to koala survey area.

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